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DeniseGoing to the dentist is about last on everyone’s list. I had struggled with my teeth all of my life. I was very cavity prone and had 2 bridges that were deteriorating. I needed to do something… I was looking for a woman dentist and was referred to Dr. Kay and Dr. Amanda through another dentist, and from the first moment I walked into their office I was uplifted. I felt a sense of peace and calm I had never felt in a medical office before. This was a wonderful start for extensive dental work that normally would be extremely difficult.

Over several months, the doctors re-did my entire upper arch of teeth including bridges and porcelain crowns, and nearly 10 teeth on the bottom. I could not be more pleased with my results, nor have I ever seen the combination of incredible skill and amazing sensitivity which made the process so manageable. All of the staff made me feel special and having a highly skilled mother/daughter team working together was incredible.

The remake of my smile has made me so happy and I will tell anyone, don’t underestimate the value of a great smile. I have absolutely beautiful results, and think it is one of the best investments I could ever make. Dr. Kay and Dr. Amanda and their entire team has literally changed my experience of life for the better! – Denise

SharonMy teeth were crooked all my life… My upper teeth looked transparent, and the lower teeth were wearing down to the dentin. Surely a case needing help. I was referred to Dr. henry by dentists who knew her work was outstanding.

Together, we developed a plan to improve the health of my teeth and cosmetically give me a lovely smile. Dr. Henry recommended a visit to the lab where her crowns and veneers are made. Selecting the best color for my skin tone and creating a natural look was very important to me.

Working with Dr. Henry and her fine staff was very comfortable, a most important factor during this work for me. Dr. Henry was completely focused on what was important to me. Her professional guidance made my dream come true. I’ve been told that my smile makes me look 10 years younger!

I would strongly encourage anyone choosing to have this type of dental work, to have an initial consultation with Dr. Henry. I have absolutely no regrets about my investment. My special smile has helped me to become much more confident. I would like to be an inspiration to all!” Thank you, Dr. Henry! – Sharon

DanaAfter many years of battling depression and anxiety I made the decision to start a new fight- one to get back the confidence, health and joy-filled life depression had stolen from me. When I finally pushed out of the funk, the first thing I wanted to feel good about was my smile. I literally hadn’t smiled in years.

I was nervous. I was afraid of dentists and really needed someone who would be patient with me. When I met Dr. Henry for the first time she was so understanding, compassionate and knew exactly how I felt. She took great care of me and in that first appointment we scheduled total restoration of my teeth. From there out, Dr. Henry and her staff were always checking in on me to make sure I was comfortable, even when I wasn’t in their office. I was given everything I needed to feel calm and relaxed, including mild medication and a variety of movie options. Every time I go in for an appointment Dr. Henry has Harry Potter queued up for me! It’s my de-stressor and helps me zone out.

Now I am smiling again for the first time in years. My new-found self-assurance has lead to boosts in all areas of my life, including losing 50 pounds and getting back into the workforce with a job I love. This has changed my life. I actually love going to the dentist now. I feel amazing and empowered. After going through such a hard time, Dr. Henry has made me feel like the person I used to before I lost myself. It’s amazing to have the old me back. – Dana